It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.
-Mother Teresa

Because We Care

Though we ladies who started Mistletoe met at church, it didn’t take us meeting up on Sundays to know that we had a calling to give. We all feel it, don’t we? Sometimes it seems the world of problems are so overwhelming that our efforts can barely make a dent. But then, you meet someone like Hannah. Hannah is the first child through Dreams Come True of Louisiana who we saw receive our donation. It was then we realized that we don’t always have to pick our charity, they often pick us.

We are incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to give service here in our community of Baton Rouge. Our mission is to spread aide and joy in any way we can. Joy is free, aide often is not. Your contributions are most appreciated, and yes, every single effort makes a dent. For someone like Hannah, it can change a whole family of lives.

Anna’s Grace Foundation is a local nonprofit organization providing emotional and financial support to families in the Greater Baton Rouge Area who experience miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss.  One out of every four pregnancies in our area will end in a loss which means that each and every day one of our friends, coworkers, neighbors, or family members will experience unthinkable heartbreak.  Anna’s Grace offers hope and healing by helping with burial and grave marker expenses, by providing end-of-life planning guidance, and by providing opportunities for families to remember and celebrate their babies in meaningful ways.  For more information, please visit

The Cheering for Breanna Foundation was started in honor of Breanna Bercegeay who bravely fought AML leukemia. The mission to is to continue the fight against childhood cancer by spreading awareness, raising funds for research, and supporting children and families affected. Help us make a difference and Never Give Up on a Cure!

$100,000 and Counting

WOW! Look at what all of us have accomplished. Just when you thought you only had a fun day shopping, you learn the gift you bought keeps on giving. Thank you for your continued support to Mistletoe Markets. You have helped us donate over $100,000 to charities over the years. We look forward to continuing the effort.

If you have a charity that you would like to present to us for review, please contact:

Operation 20/20 is a Christian organization based out of Baton Rouge, LA committed to bringing sight to the Third World using adjustable eyeglasses. Allowing the wearer to adjust the glasses to their own unique prescription, we feel these products are capable of transforming the developing world.
Our mission is to be servants in the Third World, caring for their physical needs by providing free adjustable glasses, and bringing the Hope of Christ.